Poddosri Khaddi Saree

Khaddi has an international reputation- a symbol of the freedom movement and non-cooperation for the Indians against the colonial rule and their oppressive measures to strip our country’s culture and economy of any value to the rest of the world. Though, post-independence, it gradually lost the spark, having served its bigger purpose back at that time. But as it happens in the fashion industry, styles, fabrics, and patterns keep coming back to the trends. Khadi sarees are certainly one of them in recent times.

Today we see there has been a resurgence in demand for khadi sarees. With this demand, you can find a wide variety of khadi sarees online. Why are Khadi sarees so in demand? Because they are considered comfortable and yet stylish by women of all ages, being handspun and made from natural cotton. Style is always about maintaining the right balance between the right elements. With their sheer simple elegance, khadi sarees are clearly the frontrunners.

Try looking up khadi sarees online and you will find such a wide variety of khadi sarees these days- be it simple plain ones or designer and trendy ones. They are all so elegant. And you can style it in so many ways to get a new stylish look every time.

But wait! Don’t go yet. Before you run off to find your pick from the khadi sarees online, here are some smart tips to slay in style with some gorgeous khadi sarees this summer:


  • Khadi sarees with the Regular drape- This is the easiest and simplest way to rock the khadi saree look this summer. Pleat and drape the khadi sarees as you normally would any cotton saree. Use some simple accessories to go with the saree’s color, and have a hanging pallu to get all the attention. (Pro tip: hair up)
  • Khadi sarees draped around the neck- This one is an oh-so chic and contemporary look where you make normal pleats, but the pallu is draped around the neck like a scarf. The millennial saree wearer swears by this look.
  • Heavy blouse paired with khadi sarees- Pairing a plain simple khadi saree with a heavy blouse gives a very rich and elegant look, creating quite the balance. (Pro tip: Oxidized jewelry to complete the look)
  • Butterfly style drape- A draping style that’s an absolute stunner when draped on a tall and lean woman of style, the butterfly-style drape is when the pallu is pleated and spread around like a butterfly on the torso area.

With so many different types of khadi sarees, it has become easy to find khadi sarees online. Have your own personal collection of khadi sarees of these many types and more- khadi cotton sarees, khadi silk sarees, khadi handloom sarees, khadi pattu sarees, pure khadi sarees. This summer is at the top of your style game with these tips to rock in khadi sarees.


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